Diving deep into MakeAPI and ElasticSearch for Node.js

Going through the code as well as the dependences for the MakeAPI. I learned a few new technologies:

  1. ElasticSearch:
    • It features real time data, real time analytics, high availability, distributed, high availability, multi-tenancy, full text search, document oriented (JSON format), conflict management, schema free, restful api, per operation persistence, built on top of Apache Lucene and of course open source
    • This technology opens a world of possibilities. For the inquisitive developer its a must learn technology.
    • For more information check out: http://www.elasticsearch.org/

How do i get setup?

Download elastic search from elasticsearch.org then run the following command

 elasticsearch -f 

Note: You should see it running. I would recommend to run this in background so you can continue using your terminal. 

ElasticSearch provides an API that displays document oriented data in JSON format. The API uses thrift, HTTP and memcached.


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