Can't run thimble ".. Loading forever"


I've just discovered why thimble failed to install properly. It was displaying a loading symbol. To save others the confusion I've decided to update the "readme" file to include the steps to install bower before running npm install.

The reason why you need to install bower in the first place is because of the following:

This is the package.json file that is used by npm install to install all the dependences of the project.

Note: Under "postinstall":"bower install"

If you don't have bower installed globally then thimble will not work.

How do I install bower globally?

npm install -g bower

Warning: When trying to install bower as a root user then you have to do the following when running bower install.

bower install --allow-root

If your not logged in as root then you can run this:

bower install

Good luck on your bug fix's. One other lesson I've learned is don't be afraid to ask questions. Special thanks to ALI from CDOT for helping out with this problem.


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