Release 0.5


During my first release of OSD700 I learned the following:
  • Jasmine.js Testing Framework
  • Grunt
  • Travis Continuous Integration

In particular the bug I was exposed to involved fixing jshint validation errors caught by Grunt-CLI.

Discovering bugs in Filer on Fedora 18 Chrome and found that the tests failed on Chrome however passed on Firefox.

Chrome Failed Tests:

Firefox passed test:

What is Jasmine.JS?

Jasmine.js is a testing framework that applies the behavior-driven development principles. 

How do I write a Jasmine.JS Test?

screen shot of code from:
Screenshot of code from:

Note: The 'describe' function has nested 'it' functions. Each it function is an individual test.

Pull Requests:


I will be presenting during next class and have an interactive demo so we can code together. So everyone will know how to write jasmine test by end of class.


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